The design of the ProHealth Plan is centred on tangible cards as against intangible categorizations of covered services as other HMOs are currently doing. This is a unique product differentiation by ProHealth HMO when compared with what currently obtains in the Nigerian HMO market. Health insurance is generally an intangible product, but we have linked it to a physical, tangible card to achieve a positive impact since the individual is able to feel the product at the time of purchase.
ProHealth HMO currently has 4 Private health insurance cards as shown below;
ProHealth Diamond [silvery-grey in colour]
ProHealth Ruby [bright red in colour]
ProHealth Emerald [bright green in colour]
ProHealth Sapphire [ice blue in colour]

ProHealth Diamond Card entitles the holder to the highest number of benefits (covered services) under the ProHealth private health insurance scheme while ProHealth Sapphire Card carries the least benefits.