Family planning which most people know as child spacing; could be seen as preventing unintended pregnancy, which allows individuals to achieve desired birth spacing, family size and helps to improve health of the mother and children.

We have ways of preventing unintended pregnancy:

Abstinence: this is the only method that is 100% sure to avoid unintended pregnancy but not advisable for married couples.

Oral contraceptive: this also can be effective if taken consistently and there is also the instant contraceptive like positron, this contraceptive is usually taken immediately after sexual intercourse.

IUDs and hormonal method: this device is being inserted into the body, this last long for about 4months-5 years, you can also go for the injection if suitable for you. In this case, a patient is advised to go for renewal if expired to avoid complicated issues.

Barrier method: This is the use of condoms and diaphragm to prevent the sperms from entering into the fallopian tube to prevent unintended pregnancy, but most married men would not want to use condoms on their wives, but the female condoms are also available and can function as the male condoms. Most women donot know how to use the female condom, kindly ask your health care providers for a proper clarification and procedure.

Family planning helps to reduce overpopulation, and high rate of infant and mother mortality, it reduces poverty and making needed structural changes to improve living condition.

It is advisable for you to go to your health care provider to know the best type of famainly planning that suits you. Plan your family in a suitable way.

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