The design of the ProHealth Plan is centered on both tangible and intangible (electronic) cards powered by the ProHealth Mobile App. This is a product differentiation unique to ProHealth HMO Limited. The e-ID card allows our enrollees to access care in any facility by simply showing Ids on their mobile devices. PHL enrollees also get notifications and authorization codes on their mobile devices. This makes hospital visitations less time consuming and truly hassle free.

PHL currently has 4 Private Health Insurance cards as shown below;
ProHealth Diamond [silvery-grey in colour]
ProHealth Ruby      [bright red in colour]
ProHealth Emerald [bright green in colour]
ProHealth Pearl     [bright yellow in colour]

ProHealth Diamond Card entitles the holder to the highest number of benefits (covered services) under the ProHealth private health insurance scheme while ProHealth Sapphire Card carries the least benefits.